Hello and Welcome Back to Week 3 of your Alchemy of Marriage program!

This week you will learn about Defensiveness on a deep level.

Where Defensiveness comes from, what damage it does, how to define it, how to recognize when it is negatively influencing your marriage, and how to dramatically lower its impact, and defeat it… so you have the best chance possible for a truly Intimate Marriage!

I’m very excited to share this information with you, and here’s this week’s video.


And here is this week’s homework (right click, choose “save as” and save the file... Then open it up with Adobe Acrobat Reader or another pdf reader if you have one.

Next week we will be practicing some very powerful techniques to render Defensiveness powerless over you, and how to make the most challenging conflicts in your marriage moments of openness, connection, and even fun!

Expect Great Things,