Welcome to Your Brand Spanking New Alchemy of Marriage Program!

Welcome!  It’s nice to see you here in the first week of the Alchemy of Marriage Program.


You’re taking a bold, brave step toward having the kind of truly intimate marriage only a very few people experience in this lifetime.

I say “Marriage is the very best chance you have in this life to be truly seen, known and loved by another human being.”

We have many types of relationships with others: friendships, parents, children of parents, sibling relationships, team members, business partners, occasional or frequent lovers and many other versions of relationship.

But not one of those -as valuable and important as they can be and frequently are – offers the opportunity to truly and fully connect with another person in a very “raw, naked, visible” and yet committed way… over many years or decades.

Others you can have very intense relationships with, but none of them lives with you full time and knows all sides of you as your partner can.

It is only in a committed relationship that you can fully become the “strongest, wisest best version of yourself,” and your partner can do the same.  You can fake it other places, but not at home.  🙂

Now, do yourself, and me, a favor. 

This lesson, including the video, are the foundation of everything that follows.  Don’t take it lightly.

Do the homework.   Read it carefully and follow the instructions.

If you just watch the video and read the homework, it’s like… well, like the difference between watching someone swim on TV and actually going swimming yourself.

Promise me you’ll actually go swimming and won’t just “watch it on TV.”  OK?

How to use this program. It’s very simple…

1.Each week for at least 6 weeks (there will be bonuses – stay tuned) you’ll get a link to a page like this with some text, a video and a pdf download.

2.Read the page, watch the video and do the homework assignment (the pdf).

3.For questions and your personal email sessions, write this email address private@couplescoach.com Do not share that with anyone, that’s ONLY for members of Alchemy!

4.Keep an open mind. This is different from other “counseling” or “relationship advice” and to be fully effective (which I guarantee it will be, if you do keep an open mind), your part is to be patient, open-minded and ready for real changes!

Here is this week’s video.  Click Play

HOMEWORK:  Here is how to get your homework for this week (and will be the same for every page/week).  You need Adobe Acrobat (free reader) to read and print this document.  Almost every computer already has it installed.  If you don’t just search “Acrobat Reader” and download the file.  It’s free, easy and useful to read millions of documents online, and all the homework assignments and other files I will push out to you during this course.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: Right click this link and choose “save as” to download your homework for this week.

Preview of Next Week’s Class:

Next week is going to be a “mind-blowing” experience.  I’m going to teach you how to see the future!

That’s right, I’m going into detail about the Great Wheel of Marriage (c) Dr. Max Vogt.  This is the ONLY place you can legally get this information.

Do your homework and we’ll talk again next week (and probably before!).



Dr. Max Vogt