Blah blah blah blah blah! Blah

That’s what you hear when your partner’s talking and you don’t want to hear what they are saying.

That’s what your partner hears when they don’t want to hear what you are saying.

You may think you’re communicating but you’re just making human noises.

Communicating involves something more than making human noises.

It requires willingness and openness to hear what your partner is saying, even criticisms.

You turned off your ears and your partner did too because you’re each waiting to get in your points and not even for a minute listening to what the other one is saying.

You think you’re a good listener and it’s your partner who is a bad listener.  That’s fiddle faddle.  You’re not.

Listening when the other is saying something you don’t want to hear is an acquired skill. Anybody can listen to what they want to hear.

Going forward I will teach you how to listen differently.

It takes a little while to learn.

This is the first step.

I’ll be giving you more when you sign up to the right ===>

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