Marriage Survival

Our friend Tom is a true mountain man.

He once lived in the wilderness with a bow and arrows, a tent, a sleeping bag and the clothes on his back for 3 months.

He knows a ton about survival.

Except when it came to his marriage and his kids.

He said he wanted his marriage to be healed, but he really didn’t show up for it.

Even when he was at home he wasn’t really there, he was planning his next adventure.

But the truth is, he didn’t really want to be married.

Now that he is divorced he is much happier, his ex-wife is happier and his kids are happier.

They have the very best “Disney Daddy” in the whole world.

Are you judging Tom?

He failed his marriage, didn’t he?

Think about that one.

Now his ex-wife Sheila always loved and still loves Tom.

But she couldn’t live with him the way he is.

When she finally realized that she stopped feeling bad about her marriage ending.

She re-married.

She’s married to Jim who has a son of his own.

Jim loves being married.

He is devoted to Sheila and they do everything together.

They load 4 kids, dogs and even a cat into the car and go to the lake for a picnic.

Jim and Sheila are wired for marriage and they know how to do it right.

When I’m around them I almost take notes because they have a way of listening, relating, taking everyone into account in a way that is loving, but still very strong.

It’s very relaxed and natural. Who says having a great marriage takes hard work? Don’t believe it, it isn’t that hard!

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