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You can’t fix what you can’t see. And even when do you see things in a new way you need new tools, different from the ones you’ve been using. This is a different garden and a different season in your life together.

There is this thing that happens to every couple over time.  We get “relationship blindness,” and our ability to be effective in marriage gets worse.  It’s normal, but it can grow into a problem and be a marriage killer.  Like a bad weed  or some animal that comes in the night and tears up the whole garden.  I don’t want you waking up to that.

It’s not your fault.  Relationships change.  No  one gave you an education on how things might be once you get down the road.  And darn it, some of the people who are trying to give you an education about marriage and long-term relationships don’t seem very wise or helpful.  Some of them.

Doing what you’ve been doing isn’t going to help your relationship get better at this point, and you know it, don’t you?  Doing what you’ve been doing is a choice you can make, or you can make a better choice.  I suggest doing things differently.  What do you think of that idea?

Let me help you see better and do better, so you CAN fix your marriage.  You may find that some very simple things can be very effective.   Simple is what I do.  Been doing it for 35 years.  Why?  Because it works.

Give me a try as your coach.  Some people say “no pain, no gain.”  I like just “no pain, just gain.”  Some people say you have to work hard to make a marriage work.  I say “you have to play.  It’s  not so hard on the system.”  Anybody else tired of working and stressing all the time?

Sign up and I’ll give you free marriage help every day.  Right to your inbox.  FREE. Simple. Real. Effective. Every day.  You have nothing to lose and something special to gain.  You can join me if you like and I think you’ll find you like it.  And you can unsubscribe any time you like, of course.  You can even yell at me if you like.  I don’t mind.  It’s happened before. And yet you might find you agree with me sometimes and that marriage is kind of miraculously a lot more fun again.  What a concept.

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Why am I going to go around giving you free advice that my clients have paid thousands of dollars for?  Well I’ll just come out and say it.  I guess I’m not supposed to say this, but here goes.  I hope you will buy some of my courses.  I hope to gain your trust and confidence to where you say “what’s next, what can I do to really go farther?”  It does no good to try to lie to someone and seem like you’re just plain doing something for the good of humanity.  There’s something in this for both of us, you and me.  That seems fair, doesn’t it?

And let me add that if you never buy one of my courses, you’ll still get plenty of value from these free emails I send out.  A whole lot of value.  They will change your life.  And if that does happen, I will be happy and you will be happy and even if I don’t get a dime out of the transaction, I’ll still feel like I got something out of helping someone.  That’s a pretty big deal in today’s world.

So enough of my talking, here are some other people who have something to say:

“Without a doubt, Max saved our lives and our marriage.” -Margaret Black Smith

““We finally have hope for our marriage…”  Annie S

Better than counseling!  And much cheaper!” Charlie J

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Some of the topics you’ll discover in my free daily marriage help include:

  • Why your husband/wife treat their friends better than they treat you (no one else will tell you the TRUTH about this)

  • Why “communication skills training” may be the worst thing you can possibly do to your marriage (and exactly what to instead). Other therapists teach this BACKWARDS!

  • The one thing you must never do if you suspect your partner of cheating on you (do this wrong and you can say “bye-bye” to your marriage… for good)!

  • A foolproof and ancient secret to get your husband to want to tell you all his feelings (you never saw THIS on Dr. Phil, lol)

  • Why you actually may be “forcing” your husband to “behave badly” and what you can do about it right now

  • Five sex tips you will never read about in Cosmo (hint: these actually work and they are not “tricks” like you usually see in such publications)

  • Why your marriage counselor will never tell you the truth about your marriage relationship (this information could save you thousands of dollars and many headaches)

  • Why most “save your marriage” programs online are just “marketing scams” and how to avoid them like the plague

  • The number 1 way to get your lover or spouse back in your arms (it’s not what you think, or what the lame “get your lover back” ebooks online keep lying about)

  • When marriage counseling IS your best option, and when it’s definitely NOT

  • The Three biggest mistakes you may be making in trying to have a happy marriage (99 out of 100 couples make these mistakes… and they are totally avoidable if you have these three clues)

  • How to avoid those mistakes (this information is critical to your marriage, so much so that if you don’t take the right steps, you’re almost doomed to unhappiness)

  • What to do instead to guarantee a great future for your marriage (this is so simple and powerful you’ll be shocked)

  • The truth about why you often feel confused and frustrated with your partner (and how to put a smile on your face instead)

  • How to “almost magically” read – and take control of – the future of your marriage (this is BETTER than having a “crystal ball”)

  • Why ordinary “counseling” and “therapy” are doomed to fail in helping you have a happy marriage (it’s not why you think, you have to realize the biggest single mistake therapists themselves make!).

  • What the real and most important TRUE purpose of marriage is (miss this and you’ve missed the whole point and are almost certainly not going to be one of those “cool” old couples walking hand and hand on the beach one day.

  • The Top 7 Mistakes people make about what marriage really is (If you make these mistakes, your marriage is more than likely headed for the trash can!)

  • How to know the “helpful” and “positive” beliefs which inspire your marriage.  The 8 Signs that Your Marriage is Healthy (and how to identify them fast and make SURE you keep on the right track)

  • How to define the “best, strongest, wisest version of who you are in your marriage,” and how to be that version of yourself and support your partner to be the same in their own life.

  • How to make a fast change in your relationship NOW before it’s too late (this is why we emphasize the “Alchemy” method– the longer you wait, the worse it is going to get)

  • The specific words and phrases NOT to say if you want to save your marriage (just as important – if not more – as what TO say!)

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  • The “real” secrets to a solid marriage and love that lasts forever (Not 1 in 10,000 professional marriage counselors have even HEARD of this, but you will know it!)

  • Why “hard work” on the relationship isn’t really the answer (as a matter of fact, in many cases the harder you work the worse things get… you MUST do something different and EASIER)

  • Exactly why most marriage counseling can be harmful and what to avoid (if you’ve ever been to marriage counseling you’ll understand how this can be a HUGE issue… but not for you!)

  • The specific reasons almost all marriage therapy fails and how you can succeed better than 99 out of 100 professional marriage counselors on your own (you’ll know more than the vast majority of so-called marriage counselors)

  • 7 specific steps to re-focus your emotion and handle your feelings (extremely important in eliminating arguments!)

  • How to find the core Blueprint of your relationship in only 10 minutes (knowing this one powerful fact can immediately change your relationship)

  • The (very clear and simple) definition of true intimacy and how this knowledge can instantly change your marriage! (This simple method has transformed hundreds of marriages in Dr. Max’s practices… overnight!)

  • Immediately master The Law of Intimacy and transform all your thoughts, feelings and actions in your marriage (this is only available from Dr. Max’s site)

  • Produce “instant tolerance” in every communication and positively charge everything you think and feel about your partner (Dr. Max is the ONLY one who teaches this)

  • Use this “relationship judo” to quickly and permanently change the momentum of a relationship, sometimes instantaneously! (You may see dramatic changes in a matter of hours – thousands of people have)  You have to be there to believe it.

  • Using this dead simple method, so-called “arguments” can become an actual source of fun and even sexual enjoyment (some people feel this is the most advanced intimacy method ever devised).

  • One simple quick methods turns you into a powerful, united team, even if you feel like you have never understood each other before (this method all by itself has magically transformed hundreds of marriages in ways that utterly SHOCKED the couples and put a huge grin on their faces)

  • Use this to take all the “negative charge” out of money and finance conversations and transform them into springboards to make the dreams of your future come true!(some couples who have fought about money for 20 years have stopped this argument and started getting along incredibly…. within hours of using these methods)

… and many many more secrets you can only get through my FREE daily marriage help.

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Free daily help from one of America’s Top Marriage Counselors.”

Hollie Grimaldi-Flores
Dr. Max is a unique blend of compassionate psychologist and super-practical business person. He’s a master at creating clear solution-based plans and helping his clients get laser focused on their goals and taking concrete steps to achieve them. He’s been extremely helpful for me and for many people in our community in those ways. And he does all of that with a sense of humor and fun. He really helps you get things done, and it’s a pleasure to work with him. I can not imagine how my life would be without his help. I can not recommend him highly enough.
Response from Dr. Max

Thank you, I appreciate it. I take my work very seriously, but if the work can be enjoyable and engaging, I think it’s more memorable and works better. Thanks again!

Margaret Black-Smith

Margaret Black-Smith

Many years ago, our marriage was essentially over. We bickered and yelled at each other constantly, slept apart and hated to come home. It was easy to blame each other for the seemingly insurmountable problems we were experiencing. Then we found Max. With his help, guidance, incredible insights and patience, our marriage changed. We learned new ways of communicating, started accepting each other and our fights lessened and stopped. We became close once more. Today our marriage of 38 years continues to flourish. Without a doubt, Max saved our lives and our marriage.

Response from Dr. Max

Thank you both, it’s a joy to work with people who are dedicated and ready for significant change. It’s a real passion of mine to help couples achieve the kind of true happiness I know is possible for people, and I’m so happy you did!

Pam Givens

Pam Givens
“First, a disclaimer. I am Dr. Max Vogt’s wife (and I also worked as a licensed psychotherapist for years myself)… and I highly recommend him to couples who seek marriage counseling. You’ll find his approach warm, thoughtful and effective in helping you get where you really want to be in your marriage. He has decades of successful experience in helping couples, and he will help you also!”
Pam Givens

David Garfinkel

David Garfinkel
Dr. Max brings an abundance of real-life wisdom and deep professional knowledge to his counseling. My experience with him is he sees things (that are real) — dynamics and patterns — things that most others gloss over, or miss out on entirely. Even more important is that he offers up exceptionally practical, human solutions in a gentle and instantly understandable way. For me, that all adds up to exactly what you want in a counselor.

Ruth Braun

Ruth Braun
As a colleague of mine for many years, I highly recommend Max Vogt, PhD in providing quality and compassionate care in treating couples. He continues to advance his skills to include evidence based practices to best serve this population.
Response from Dr. Max

Thank you Dr. Braun. It’s a real honor to have you make such comments about me and my work. I always feel there is more to learn about couples and the best ways to survive and thrive in relationships!

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Rick Comtois
“I’ve worked with Dr. Max Vogt as a partner in business and always found him resourceful in solving challenges, insightful, helpful and supportive. He’s a consummate professional. Any couple who gets a chance to work with him​ is fortunate indeed, and I’m sure they will achieve any goals they have in their marriage, under his expert guidance.”


“Mark and I love each other and have since the day we met, but we could never go a day without fighting, and most nights we went to bed angry at each other. Not any more, not after your course.  I don’t know how this works exactly but it works.  We are closer than the day we got married almost 19 years ago.  It’s like we just met each other all over again. Now we use all that energy and spark in our marriage, and truly enjoy our time together.  I know people talk about ‘miracles’ and I usually don’t like that word, but now I do.  Because what has happened for us in our marriage is truly a miracle.  We owe this to you, Dr. Max, and your course.  We can never thank you enough!”

Jen and Mark B.Honolulu, Hawaii


“Working with Dr. Max brought our marriage back from the brink of disaster…we bickered loudly and publicly, and argued constantly. With his help, we discovered that what we bring to the relationship defines it, and we got the tools to make the relationship we truly wanted: a supportive, animated marriage where communication and intimacy flourish, rather than the doomed relationship we had and were continuing to create.”

-Dan and Peggy T.      Oklahoma City, OK

“At last, an easy way to TRULY improve our marriage! My husband has always said no way! about any kind of counseling. But he’s gone through this course and raves about it.  My jaw almost dropped”

Alyssa R    Dallas, TX

“We finally have hope for our marriage… and it’s not just some idea but we can literally see our relationship improving week after week.  You’re right, we did have a better marriage almost immediately.  I was skeptical about that, but I found out it was true.  I’m a very practical person so that didn’t seem possible, but I have to admit, your course works.  It’s actually fun!”

Annie S      Baltimore, MD


“I thought we would get divorced.  The great, wonderful man I once knew (who I thought had turned into a zombie) came back into the marriage after we spent three weeks going through the course. He told me that he couldn’t believe it was so simple to just do your methods. Jim has always been leery of therapists because he feared getting ganged up on by the counselor and me. He doesn’t feel that way at all with your approach… …we are really talking for the first time since we married 31 years ago. Jim seems like a new man… You can see it in his face. Thank you for helping me get my husband and marriage back… every day I am grateful for your course!”

-Patricia M     Sacramento, CA


“Working with Dr. Max saved my marriage.  When things seemed irreparable and hopeless, at times when many couples would have come apart permanently, my wife and I lowered our defenses and opened up. I have a new pride, a new respect for and from my wife, a whole new attitude and approach to life. I’m so happy when my wife shows me in so many ways joy, fun, love, partnership and understanding. We appreciate each other now more than we ever have.  Now we have the skills and the tools to get through anything together

-Chuck S.      Bozeman, MT


“I Am Ready to Have a Child Now, Because of Your Course! I felt so unsure–and scared– about having a child ever since we got married… but now it is clear that it is the right thing to do and I’m READY!  I feel so relaxed, happy and relieved now and know for certain I am ready to have a child. Your methods were the key to seeing what marriage for what it really was and how to make it so much better!”

-K.H.       Shreveport, LA


“I spent 4 years in graduate school studying therapy and honestly didn’t learn ANYTHING about the Science of Happy Marriage!  If you have any desire to have a great marriage, you need to use this course.I’ve integrated some of Dr. Max’s materials into my own therapy practice but honestly I don’t see how I can deliver what he does to you in this course, and at such an affordable cost.

Dr. Richard McCutchan   Nevada City, CA


“I used to think I could never get it right with my wife and that women were impossible to understand. I thought it was some huge mystery about what would make her happy.  Now I know that it’s much simpler than I thought.  Your course helped me know totally that all I need to do is the simple methods you showed me.”

-Todd S.San     Nashville, T


About Me…

My true passion is helping couples…

I began working as a counselor and therapist in 1983 in a general practice.  Although I always enjoyed working with individuals, families, companies and the courts, I soon realized my true passion was helping couples.

As a kid I marveled at the depth and joy of my parents’ marriage and hoped one day mine would be as joyful.

Suffering or being unhappy in a relationship is not necessary

As an adult I saw all around me people who were married or in committed relationships suffering, confused and angry. I felt if I could find some powerful, workable method that would quickly fix these painful relationships, my professional goals would be fulfilled.

Roadblocks to true happiness… “usual therapeutic fixes” don’t work

What I discovered though was that there were major roadblocks to true marriage happiness that were completely unresponsive to the usual therapeutic fixes. And once those roadblocks are taken down, two other steps can take place that open the door to true marriage happiness again, or for the first time.

If that sounds like it would be of interest to you, let’s start a conversation!

  • “Marriage is the best chance we have in this life to be truly known and loved by another human being.”  Dr. Max Vogt

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